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Music trends in 2019 will surprise you

Currently, there is no person who would not listen to music. Music is an assistant in business, lifts your spirits when you are not there, helps you tune in to the right mood. In general, music is cool and fashionable, isn’t it?

Today there is a huge selection of different music. If before people divided music only into rap, rock and “pop”, now we have thousands of different genres and subgenres – I do not want to choose.

Music affects a person in completely different ways. Remember the moment when you heard a popular song and then drank it all day.

Modern music is a set of phrases, and poorly provided with content, the musical component is simple, as it is a rhythmic repetition of the drum and other instruments, but here we can draw an analogy with the music of shamans. After all, they used rhythmic tapping to enter a trance. Also with Philip Kirkorov’s song “Color of Mood Blue” – you hear and fall into a trance, starting to torment her during the day.

As for rock music, the popularity of the year has faded, as well as its performers: new music from such “mastodons” of the year, for example, “Scorpions” is not released since 2015. The legendary group “Leningrad” led by Sergei Shnurov is trying to sing on the acute social themes of today, but that drive and most importantly the “year” – is gone. The current rock bands Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots are, sorry, not a year. It remains only to listen to old and popular albums.

Electronic music has long since lost all significance – Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Tiësto and other stars of the electronic EDM scene play remixes of their own remixes, and new music is a “straight barrel” with vocals from a second-rate singer, and in general, such tracks are similar to each other.

And now let’s pick up a very controversial and contradictory point of this article – Rep.

I believe that this genre of music is still amazing, melodic instruments, different voices and a bunch of effects really show the power of this genre of music. There are many examples of different collaborations, when rap was replaced by a chorus from a pop diva or turned into an electronic drop with impressive interruptions from music to recitative.

According to BPMzilla Modern rap has long departed from the stereotypical “you” and “commons”. Moved to the section “entertainment” for the various strata of society. Basta is collecting Olympic, and by 2020 he plans to collect Luzhniki. This is a great indicator to recognize that rap is no longer the music of the yards and neighborhoods, but a real indicator of the voice of the people. And really, at the moment rap is a popular genre. He is gaining more and more listeners every day, taking new heights.

Regular festivals dedicated to rap such as: “Hip-Hop Mayday!” and Foucault’s Pendulum are huge venues and loud line-ups that are no worse than Western festivals.

What does this mean? Of course, listen to the music to which your soul lies, which will tell you what to do.

It is not necessary to “lead” in fashion and listen to what “Vasya listens”, and then say: “and I’m worse ?!” And remember that creativity is always wonderful, and good music can always unite us all.